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About Us

Today, our brand VillaMarine is serving to the real estate industry with the brand and reliability ,that allows to open the new industry, of our Freddy’s Jewellery family company that found at 1989 by Ferhat Duyar. VillaMarine offers professional real estate consulting services to reliable customer network with a team that working with a extremely new technology.

VillaMarine is purchasing, selling and hiring of real estates with countless marketing techniques and modernizations in the world according to the ever changing market conditions in the sector and system operation with latest technology innovations. VillaMarine, which became the most recognized and trusted brand in Kuşadası in a little while, also developed the most visited 100% mobile-friendly website. Thanks to this web site you can browse our advertisements quickly, you can transmit to the our advisors the advertisements that you want to sell or you can give instant notifications to our advisors for calls for advertisements that you want to buy. To find the real estate in your dream, our professional Real Estate Consultants provide services according to your requests. VillaMarine is the most reliable company that has developed Kuşadası's real estate future. VillaMarine, the brand of real estate consultancy that has Kuşadası location, is the only corporate brand has the capacity to satisfy the customers at the highest welfare level.

Some of the our principles; to improve the future of Kuşadası’s real estate, to offer the most modern structures and projects, to add happiness to your happiness and to always live your trust with you.